Are Soundbars Good For Home Theaters?

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When Is A Soundbar Useful In A Home Theater System?

A soundbar has become a popular option with consumers interested in creating a home theater system for the family TV. Instead of spending big bucks on a full surround sound system, a soundbar, that connects wirelessly to your TV, has an audio receiver which a surround sound system doesn’t. It’s something similar to upgrading the sound system in your car. If you’re using a basic TV watching setup, small and simple is good enough. But if it’s something you’ll use for entertainment, like watching movies and listening to music, the fancier the better.

Are Soundbars Better Than Speakers?

Soundbars have become quite popular in recent years. Some drivers, however, question whether soundbars are capable of delivering rich, clear sound that is more powerful than a normal pair of speakers.

There are a number of advantages for using soundbars over separate speakers. Soundbars are easier to set up and mount to your TV than separate speakers. Soundbars are also cheaper than paired speakers and create a complete sound system in one easy solution. No more wires to plug in either. Additionally, the convenience and ease of use wipes out the cost of a sound technician, removing the hassle of trying to get everything in sync.

Unfortunately, soundbars lack the complexity of speakers. They are generally made of a single speaker driver and do not transmit the same level of detail as separate speakers. The lack of detail also means that multi-channel surround sound is not present on a sound bar, or even an option.

The sound quality coming from a soundbar is more than adequate for creating a movie experience on the big screen. Modern soundbars utilize advanced technology to produce clear, rich sound. Some of the latest models include the additional sound features like bass control and subwoofers, providing surround sound in a single bar. These advances ensure the clarity of the sound, making it comparable to a two-channel system.

What Home Theater Systems Benefit From Soundbars?

Soundbars are a very popular way to improve your home theater system in terms of sound quality. However, when you’re running a home theater, you need more than just sound quality. You need the right home theater speakers to get the most out of your system and to make the most out of watching movies or listening to music.

That’s why the best home theater systems may not be the best for few of us. Instead of opting for a home theater setup, we often choose a surround sound speaker system. These 5.1, 7.1, and 9.1 systems are composed of individual speakers along with a subwoofer and a receiver.

So whether or not a soundbar is a good choice for your home theater entirely depends on what kind of home theater system you have, and where you place your soundbar.

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What size soundbar do I need?

Many people upgrade to a soundbar because they want better sound for the television they have. But it’s important to understand that a soundbar is not a speaker system and it’s not meant to be used as a stand-alone speaker system.

A soundbar is not equipped with the necessary full-fidelity hardware to play music in a room. In fact, many are specifically designed to not be used as a single speaker system in any space. So soundbars are usually placed alongside other speakers in a system that can cover the entire room.

The most common arrangement is to install a left and right speaker in the front corners and a subwoofer in the back of the room (another common arrangement is to put a left and right speaker system behind the couch). So a question you need to ask yourself is how much money are you willing to spend on a soundbar? If you don’t wish to spend a lot of money, you may be best served adding a soundbar to your existing music system, rather than replacing it.

Do soundbars need receivers?

Soundbars, a relatively new audio innovation, are marketed as a simple solution to complicated setups, eliminating the need for a receiver and speakers.

On the surface, a soundbar is an easy way to upgrade your home theater setup without sacrificing aesthetics or space.

You can add a soundbar to any TV without the need for a receiver, separate speakers, and tangled wires.

However, like many technologies, simplification doesn’t always effectively translate to an upgrade.

There are three major concerns that surround soundbars. The first is their lack of headroom driven by soundbar specs.

Soundbars’ limited output combined with the large number of people trying them out are resulting in a few angry customers and a lot of bad publicity surrounding the reliability of soundbars.

The second concern is that the quality of a soundbar is dependent on how loud you listen to your sound.

For music and movies played at normal volumes, a soundbar is a great product. Lower volume setups may also be sufficient for some.

However, for movie and music enthusiasts seeking blow-out bass and crystal clear vocal frequencies, a soundbar lacks the power and acoustic space to be experienced with 100% satisfaction.

The third major concern is that soundbars only process digital signals.

Do soundbars need mains power?

Contrary to popular belief, soundbars don’t require a mains connection , and in some cases, they can improve the ease of use. Soundbars make it easy to set up a simple but high-quality audio system without having to deal with the mess of wires and bulky speakers.

Usually, they are powered by a wall mountable or set-it-and-forget-it type of battery, thanks to their wireless feature. However, if you opt to go for the former, make sure that it’s an easy-to-install battery. It makes it much easier to set up as you won’t have to go hunting for anything.

Sometimes, soundbars come with the wireless capability and they plug into the wall for charging purposes. However, the wireless aspect is extremely useful if you want to move your speakers from one room to another.

Do soundbars offer surround sound?

There is no standard for classifying a soundbar system as being surround sound. Most soundbar manufacturers provide this feature based on the number of drivers or speakers in the bar. The more drivers on the soundbar usually means the more drivers there are in a surround sound system and primary driver configurations are marketed as being surround sound. However, just because a soundbar has more drivers does not mean it has a better surround sound experience than a bar with fewer drivers. In contrast, soundbars with a single driver are marketed as providing a better surround sound experience than those with more drivers.

Soundbar surround sound is a feature that does not add many more channels than a standard two-channel stereo system, because of the physical limitations of the design. However, these systems are marketed as surround sound because the sound they produce feels as if it is coming from all around the room.

Final Thoughts On Whether Soundbars Are Good For Home Theaters

Yes, soundbars are very good for home theater systems. They produce very good sound quality, especially at low volumes, and are easy to install, setup, and use.

When compared to a traditional surround sound setup, soundbars are a winner. A surround sound setup requires significant space. It also requires a lot of wired connections between the components of the system. All of which add to the noise and complexity of setting up a home theater system.

With a soundbar, all you are dealing with are two main components – the soundbar and a subwoofer. It’s a big difference when compared to the five or more components required in a traditional surround sound system.

When it comes to producing good sound, the typical soundbar is much better than any TV built in speakers. As a matter of fact, for most people, there is no comparison between the sound quality of a soundbar or a surround sound system. There’s just no comparison.

However, a soundbar is not limited to TV speakers. You can connect any audio component to it and get better sound quality. As a matter of fact, you can even connect it to your computer or tablet and enjoy better audio.

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Soundbars are a well known trend which has been rapidly growing in popularity over the last few years. More and more customers are starting to recognize the quality of sound output they can get from a soundbar as opposed to a traditional 5.1 channel speaker system. Besides an excellent sound quality, a soundbar can also offer you a practical and versatile solution that will meet your specific needs.

But what is really hiding behind the soundbar hype and what makes soundbars so popular in the first place? If you ask me, soundbars are an excellent way to enhance the quality of sound for your TV and enhance your overall TV experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why soundbars are so popular among customers.

A soundbar is a complete home theater system which is available at a great price. Compared to a traditional 5.1 channel speaker system, a soundbar is much easier to install and will save you a lot of money.

At the same time, a soundbar offers sound quality which is superior to most TV sound systems. For instance, a 5.1 channel speaker system cannot offer the same level of speech clarity through its subwoofer as a soundbar.

Also, since the speakers are built into the soundbar, you can create a surround sound effect by simply positioning the soundbar in front of your TV set.