Can You Put a Soundbar on the Floor?

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Why is it a Good Idea to Put a Soundbar on the Floor?

Using a soundbar in your living room or home theatre setup has many advantages over satellite and full-sized speakers. They are ideal for rooms where space is limited or for users with a small budget. Soundbars can also be a convenient and space-saving solution for small televisions. They can also make a big difference in appearance and setup when compared with full-sized speakers.

With so many shaped designs and sizes available, finding space for a soundbar is not always easy. Some options are too wide for a stand, and others hang too low for a shelf. A compromise is to put your soundbar on the floor. But how well does a soundbar function on the floor?

Generally, putting your soundbars on the floor can create many problems. Setup and connection can be a lot more difficult, and the sound quality may not be as good as it would be if it were mounted on a shelf or a stand. But since every home theatre setup is different, some issues may be able to be resolved while others may persist. With a few adjustments, you can make your soundbar work well on the floor.

Where on the Floor Should Your Soundbar Be?

If you’ve ever been to an electronics store and browsed the soundbar selection, you know there are plenty of options. While the selection can seem overwhelming, our experts’ input can help you quickly narrow down options and ensure you find the right one for your space.

So where should your soundbar go? It depends on one thing, your TV. Ideally, soundbars should be placed directly below the TV, but that’s not always possible depending on your setup.

The ideal location might be to put your soundbar below your TV on the floor. It results in a soundbar that can be heard at all corners of the room, ensuring you get the most out of the product and your TV.

Other Soundbar Placements to Consider

While it’s almost impossible to get a perfect soundstage with a soundbar, placement can certainly take a long way towards getting the most out of it. So placement is an important part of the equation after choosing the level of immersion or the sound stage that you want from your soundbar. Placement is so important that I would say that it’s the most important aspect.

On-wall mounting is another option, but the space between your TV and the wall often results in a sound that’s too loud in the front and not loud enough in other areas of the room. Placing the soundbar on a bookshelf or entertainment center against the wall could work. While this places the soundbar above the TV, most of the sound is still pointed towards the front of the room, resulting in an unbalanced sound.

Mounted on the Wall

This is by far the most preferred position for soundbars. It is in the center of the room, and the sound is unobstructed as it travels from the left to the right side of the room. It will just be as immersive as if you were watching a movie in the theater.

The good thing about mounting a soundbar on the wall is that you can easily center it over your TV. The primary advantage of wall-mounting a soundbar is the contrast and the sound quality. Since you don’t have anything between the source and the receiver, the sound is much clearer since there is not that much material in the way.

Shelf Under the TV

Placing your soundbar on a shelf under the TV can be a functional option. It is certainly better than placing it directly on the floor, and it can be a compromise when wall-mounting is not available.

Bad Spots for Your Soundbar

Poor placement is one of the biggest problems with soundbars. They are purchased with a specific problem in mind, but when placed in the wrong spot, you’ll usually find yourself disappointed with the results.

Placing it behind any kind of obstacle (your TV, a table, inside a covered cabinet) would certainly decrease the quality of your sound. Even more, some of these placements are not even safe.


You have learned the best places to put your TV soundbar. However, the final decision is up to you based on your preferences. Whatever your choice, just remember that your soundbar will do a better job of creating a wonderful entertainment experience if it’s correctly placed.

If you have trouble deciding, here are a few things to consider.

Do you want to create a surround sound effect, or do you simply want to fill a room with audio without the hassle of running wires all over the place?

How important is the aesthetic quality of your soundbar? Some designs naturally fit with certain room layouts. If you are not a stickler for aesthetics but want a suitable spot, you will have the luxury of positioning it wherever you want.

What is your budget? Each of the above-mentioned options costs differently. Don’t be afraid to take a combination of the methods above.