Do TV Mounts Come With Screws?

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How difficult can mounting a TV really be?

If you’re a DIY–er, then mounting a TV can prove to be a simple task. Unfortunately, if you’re not handy with tools, you may find it a bit tricky and may even consider buying an expensive installation service. However, this is something you can do yourself with the right tools.

There are a few different methods that can be used for mounting a TV. The following set of instructions is going to focus on mounting a TV on a wall mount.

Step 1 is ensuring that you have decided exactly where you’re going to place the TV on the wall. Before drilling holes, be sure to measure twice and then drill once. Now that you know where you’re going to drill, it’s time to get to work.

Step 2 is getting your tools ready. Make sure you have a drill and a universal kit that includes an adapter for the screw size and the wall mount. Check that the hole size on the wall mount is the same as the screw diameter on the adapter.

Are TV Mount Screws Universal?

It is perfectly normal to be confused when you search your TV mount screw package and find a weird assortment of different sizes and types of screws. Don’t worry, you have just gotten a plethora of different types of screws to choose from. This doesn't sound great.

Since there isn’t a standard industry-wide screw size, different manufacturers create their mounts using various proprietary mounting systems that require matching screws.

Luckily, TV mounts usually come with everything you need to affix your TV to your wall. The screws included are most typically masonry screws, which are higher-quality screws made to attach your TV to your wall studs. They are usually more secure than standard screws.

While your mount may come with many different types of screws, it’s best if you know exactly what screws to use for a specific mounting scenario.

If you find that you need a specific type of screw to secure your TV to your TV mount, don’t be afraid to ask for it. If you don’t ask, they won’t tell.

What Does VESA Compatible Mean?

A couple of universal measurements are important when it comes to finding TV mount screws or mounting hardware. VESA compatible, one of the most commonly used terms in the world of TV mounts, is an industry standard for measuring the distance between mounting holes on a TV, monitor, or any other flat (non-rounded) screen device. The mounting hardware that is VESA compatible means it can attach to a mounting hole pattern of a standard size.

Made up of a combination of numbers, VESA compatibility allows TV mount manufacturers to engineer mounts that are compatible with a wide range of mounting holes. The four most common VESA compatibility standards are: 200×200, 400×400, and 600×400. (all in millimeters)

What is a VESA Screw?

Screws are chosen because they can grip and hold the TV into the VESA compatible mount. There are different types of screws, and each screw has a different role in securing a TV to a VESA-compliant mount. VESA screws are the standardized screws that help you mount a VESA compatible TV mount.

How Do I Know If My TV is VESA Compatible?

A VESA compatible TV mount is a mount that is capable of mounting to your TV using a VESA standard screw pattern. Every TV has a unique VESA pattern, and for a mount to be VESA compatible, it must be compatible with the appropriate VESA pattern on your TV.

Note that the VESA pattern is a series of 4 small holes that are spaced apart and parallel to one another. The distance between the holes can vary in length.

The VESA mount pattern is how your TV is mounted on the wall, and since many people often mount their TVs on a wall rather than keeping them on a stand, necessity gave birth to the standard pattern.

What's particularly nice about the VESA mount is that it is a standardized mounting pattern. That means it is compatible with most mounts designed for flat-screen TVs, regardless of where the TV was made.

What Size Screws Are Used for TV Mounts?

The procedure of installing a TV mount on the wall of your home can cause a little anxiety. Most of the time, your TV mount comes with hardware in a small bag or in the instructions for installing. But, when it doesn’t or you want to know more about the screws, you may be wondering what size screws will work with your TV mount.

In most cases, a universal mount design means that you can still use your TV mount, no matter what size the display is. You don’t have to worry about the specific screws because you can use longer or shorter screws if needed. Just be sure that you use screws that are the right length with your TV mount. This is because the mount will not hold the display if the screws are too long.

Just follow the instructions for attaching the mount to your wall. This will most likely include a detailed list of what size hardware to use. If you’re unsure, the hardware that comes with the mount will most likely fit since it’s universally designed to fit most displays.

Do TV Mounts Ruin Walls?

On the contrary. Mounting a TV can make your walls look better. By placing a TV on a mount, you can hide unsightly cables and wires in the wall, improve the sound performance of the TV, and even make your space look bigger.

Guided by a wall stud, an integrated level on the mount adjusts up to 30 degrees left or right to ensure your TV hangs straight and level. And 1 inch of tilt enables you to adjust the viewing angle to your preference. You’ll enjoy a perfect picture from any seat in the room. Some mounts even include a pivoting arm, so you get maximum flexibility in terms of where you want to place your TV.

A TV mount also helps protect your TV from damage, and it frees up cabinet space for all your other accessories. Plus, if you mount your TV on a swivel mount, you can view your TV from multiple angles in the room. This is especially helpful if you have a small space and can’t put your TV in the ideal spot in the room.


Mounting a TV on your wall might seem complicated at the beginning, but that is not always the case. Choose carefully the dimensions of your hardware, and you can easily proceed to improve your room's design with your brand new TV setup.