10 Home Theater Seating Ideas (That You’ll Love!)

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Home Theater Seating Ideas

If you spend a lot of your time at home using a home theater, you’re going to have a lot of company. Lots of people just can’t get enough of watching movies at home thanks to the improved comfort levels of home theater seating. But when it comes to home theater seating, there are lots of options to choose between. How can you choose the best type of home theater seating for you?

How many people will be using the home theater?

The number of people who will be using the home theater is the primary factor when it comes to selecting home theater seating. While you could fit a few hundred guests in a movie theater, the home theater seating needs to be comfortable for just a few people at a time.

Your furniture should not just be comfortable and durable, but also easy to adjust from one person to the next. For families, it may even make sense to have a few different seating arrangements for the kids and adults. That way, you can maximize the comfort level of home theater seating.

What will you be watching?

The type of home theater seating for watching a movie might be slightly different from the theater seating for a sporting event, for example.

Two-Person Home Theater

If your living room or great room has the space, consider placing two theater seats in it. One seat can be designed the traditional way, with a built in cup holder and a squishy built-in arm rest. The other traditional style seat can have that same squishy arm rest and a built in cup holder, but the seat surface can be made a bit wider, especially in the thigh area. The wider seat helps two people sit comfortably next to one another.

The second seat can be a more conventional looking theater seat designed to be an alternative for the person that doesn’t like those squishy arm rests. But, if you or your partner doesn’t like extra wide living room seats, why not just get a conventional theater seat for both? They’ll both have the cup holders and arm rests if they want them, but you’ll still have the space for two people.

Dedicated Home Cinema Seating Arrangement

If you don’t have a dedicated theater room or audio/visual room in your house, you should simply buy your theater seating with the idea of creating a dedicated lounge area for movies, music and games. This way, all family members can use the space for their cultural needs.

These seats can be put out of the pleasant reach of children. Pay attention to the details while choosing your leather or fabric upholstery. In leather chairs, the quality of leather is very important. The best quality leather products will prove their value over the long period of use.

But if you think that a dedicated home cinema arrangement is a superfluous expense, you can always invest in a small home theater seating arrangement. Such general purpose seats can be used for movie night with your friends and also as regular lounge chairs in your den or family room.

Combined Home Theater And Living Area

This idea works especially well if you’re trying to make the most of a small space, such as a loft area, which has both a living area and a home theater.

Try adding armless or reclining chairs with a footrest that pulls out from the wall as shown in the picture above. Choose armless so there’s enough room for feet, and armless so there’s no danger of getting your movie watchers kicked or pushed.

If you go with recliners, you can add a console to one side for drinks and movie snacks. I love the idea of having an old fashioned popcorn machine in one corner, so the whole thing feels like a classic movie theater.

Bedroom-Based Home Theater

Now, you have no such thing as a singular, perfect home theater setup, so the fact that you are reading this article implies that there are more than a few ways in which you can design your space. Even so, there is a specific method that will elevate your viewing experience to a level you never thought was possible for your budget.

The master bedroom home theater is without a doubt the highest quality, yet cost friendly home theater you can build. It starts with a good-sized TV mounted on the wall. A 55" to 65" TV will comfortably fill the space and allow for ultra high definition content. Unless you are on a very tight budget, stick with a dedicated home theater.

A dedicated theater is a once-in-a-lifetime splurge with the investment adding up to as much as a new car or a nice second home. Its price tag makes it the perfect optical look-the-other-way present from someone who loves you dearly.

Of course, such a high-end machine won't be sitting atop an old coffee table or a TV tray. It's designed to be stand-alone and offer all of its features out of the box. If you are lucky enough to have a dedicated home theater, you already own the tools you need and just need to find the right one for your space.

Themed Home Theater

Themed home theaters taking your theater experience a step further with bunk beds, a projector that’s hidden, and TVs that show a different show!

This room provides a fun experience when it comes to watching movies! If you’re into comics, you can build a home theater with a comic book theme. The room can be decorated with your favorite comics, models of superheroes, etc.

You can also make and project pictures of your family on the wall for a nice family time. You can go for throw pillows or chairs with your favorite comics characters, among other things. This is a project for comic book lovers….or those people with kids who love comic books!

Another theater theme is the beach. This is a very cute theme and can also be a fun idea since you can play up the beach theme with replica sand castles, boats, a shark in a tank, etc. What girls doesn’t love the beach? This will be a fun, relaxing home theater that your girls will love.

A Home Theater For Entertaining

There’s a lot of buzz out there these days about home theatre systems as well as home cinemas, but they’re not really the same thing. What sets a home theatre apart from a home cinema is that home theatres are designed to seat a substantial number of people.

Ideally, a home theatre should have more than just one chair. They should have plenty of room for friends and invitees to take a seat and enjoy the action on the big screen. Some homeowners even build a screening room adjoining the family room of their homes so that everyone can watch the latest big screen movie without having to move to another room first.

If you want to build a home theatre for entertainment purposes only, there are a lot of design considerations you have to take into account.

Mixed Media Home Theater Seating

Many people like the different touch of those chairs, plus they are quite comfortable. Most of the people chooses the normal materials: leather and fabric, but here is a new idea for you. Some innovative designers have created a chair which contains animal fur on the front side and fabric for the backside. That makes these chairs very different and special.

On thing you should prevent is to build a chair which contains only animal fur, because it could be cruel for the animals. It is a great idea to combine these two materials to get a great feel for your room, which is comfortable and cruelty free. You need to know that there are basically three kinds of animal furs, the artificial fur, the natural fur and the synthetic fur. You are able to purchase them all from online shops or also from the local furniture stores.

You can also create a real cozy and fun looking setting by mix animal fur with leather. This could be a great idea to create a special and original room where you can enjoy your movies and the beautiful furs will protect you from those cold nights.

The downside of animal fur chairs is that they need more care then the normal leather or fabric chairs. It is necessary to take care of animal fur to keep it fresh and clean. If you want to check the maintenance you should visit the internet, where you can find some great information about this subject.

Gaming-Focused Home Theater

As office environments switch from the open-plan layout of cubicles to a more traditional office style, many home owners who find themselves in a similar situation are also opting to go back to the look and feel of a home office area and a room dedicated to the TV. Home theater seating offers the most comfortable seating experience and is designed to cope with long hours of use.

These home theater seating ideas are great for added comfort and you can still choose from a variety of styles and colors to create a fun and exciting atmosphere.

Home Theater Seating For A Projector

Seating is the first consideration when planning a home theater. Home theater seating might not be the first thing on your mind when building a theater, but an attractive leather or fabric sofa can be the difference between a great viewing experience and a mediocre one.

There are two commonly used types of seating in home theaters, recliner-style seating and theater seating. The selection of one over the other depends on where you plan to place your projector.

Specifically, if you’re placing the projector in front of the seating area, recliner-style seating is recommended. It’s also a great option if your living space allows you to spread out a bit.

On the other hand, if your projector is located next to the home theater seating area, theater seating is the better choice.

One-Person Home Theater

If you’re single or just have a small family, you can create a home theater with one recliner and one sofa. You can position these in the middle of a room, facing an LCD screen. You may need to rearrange your furniture a bit to have the chairs centered. You can install a speaker on one side of each piece of furniture. If your sofa is on the left side, install the left speaker on the left side, and install the right speaker on the right side. Make sure that your seats are comfortable and that your head and neck have enough room to be in a comfortable position. You'll need to spend some time searching for the right chair or sofa that fits your theater. You can use a room with a high ceiling so you can adjust the length of the chairs.

Final Thoughts On Home Theater Seating

The seats you choose have a big impact on the overall look of your home theater room and more than likely you’ve spent a lot of time, energy, and thought creating the perfect dynamical” blend of the different elements of your home theater.

With the options available for home theater seating, you should be able to choose seating that meets your requirements and suits your taste. In the end, it’s important that your seating be both comfortable and functional and it’s also important that the seating reflect your individual personality. Whether you like a chic and contemporary style with refined elegance, or you’re more attracted to a more traditional style with a modern flair, there’s something out there — without a doubt — for you.

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If you are planning to build a home theater room, you might be interested in the 10 home theater seating ideas that I’m going to share with you. Each of these home theater seating ideas is not only great for watching movies and television shows, but also for board games, video gaming, and gathering family and friends.

While you certainly can buy an affordable home theater seating set (like a sectional or reclining sofa), your seating set will be even more enjoyable if you incorporate some of these ideas.